• 2015 – Mojo Conference Ireland – Invited Speaker (Mar)
  • 2014 – East West Conference Challenges of Free Press (Myanmar) Mojo: beyond UGC to UGS and UGP Creating mobile journalism on the run – Invited Speaker (Mar)

  • 2013 – International Symposium Online Journalism (TEXAS USA) – Going Mobile: Challenges and Opportunities for Journalists and News Organizations in the Mobile Revolution – Invited Speaker (April)
    – Buunji Educational conference (Sydney) – Invited speaker (Nov)

  • 2012 – JEAA ‘Mobile Journalism 101 a pedagogy’ (Dec)
    – Walkley Conference ‘Tabloid to Tablet‘ (Sydney) – Invited Speaker (Nov)
    – Learning at Hand (Australia) ‘Digital learning practices’– Invited Speaker
    – Google Big Tent (London) ‘Adoption of mobile technologies’ – Invited Speaker
    – BBC CoJo ‘Mojo training in marginalised communities’ (Manchester) – Invited Speaker
    – Goldsmiths University of London University (London) ‘Mojo lecture’ – Speaker
    – Diversity Conference (Canada) ‘Using Mobile Media to Create a More Diverse Public Sphere in Marginalised Communities’ – Invited Speaker
    – RTDNA (Canada) ‘Mojo in the newsroom’ – Invited Speaker
    – Slide To Learn (Australia July) ‘Mojo – Augmenting classroom storytelling’ – Invited Keynote speaker

  • 2011 – News World Summit (Hong Kong) ‘Mojo in the newsroom’ – Invited Speaker
    – Institute of Teaching and Learning ‘Making connections: initiatives to use mobile technology in journalism education’ – Speaker

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