• Mojo – UGC, UGS to UGP in Indigenous storytelling” peer reviewed book chapter in Indigenous People and Mobile Technologies, Ed’s UTS Sydney, published by Routledge (written and in press)
• Mojo: The handbook of mobile journalism,” commissioned by Focal USA (Taylor Francis) hard cover, soft-cover and eBook also has a companion website; co-writer (in press – written published in Mar 2015)
• “Digital Evolution” The Walkley Magazine (March Issues 2014)
• “Perfect Digital” The Channel Magazine (Issue 1 Jan 2014)
• “How To Mojo” iBook (April 2013)
• “Tabloid to tablet – mobile tools of trade” Walkley Magazine (Nov 2012 Edition)
• “Using Mobile Media to Create a more Diverse Public Sphere in Marginalised Communities”, International Journal of Community Diversity (peer reviewed paper Feb 2013, 12 :1 pp11-20)
• Ass Editor Vol 1 the International Journal of Diverse Identities, Oct 2012
• “Media Gets its mojo on”, Walkley Magazine (July 2012 Edition)
• “How to Mojo in the Outback”, The Channel Magazine (Issue 1 2012)
• “The Missing Puzzle – Birth of a Format” (MA thesis)
• Research: Outback House [The Book of the series]
• Photographs: Outback House [The Book of the series]
• Photographs: Tiboli Philippines [Follow Me magazine]
• Triumph of The Spirit Article [The Age Newspaper]
• The Art of Cornering Article: [The Age Newspaper]
• Research: Wise Up [The Book of the series]


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