Ivo Burum the author of the Citizenmojo blog has been producing mainstream TV for more than 30 years. A panel beater, turned journalist, turned TV executive producer, Ivo is one of the Australian pioneers of the self-shot obs-doc citizen TV genre. Ivo’s interest in citizen participatory journalism stems from a long commitment to providing ordinary people with an opportunity to tell their own extra ordinary stories on TV.

Ivo has experience developing and delivering television content across a range of factual styles of production. As a producer on the ABC’s flagship current affairs series, Foreign Correspondent, Ivo traveled to more than 35 countries and witnessed first hand the oppression that results from a lack of free speech.

Ivo’s work in mobile journalism includes the NT Mojo project that provided nine people from remote Indigenous communities in the Northern territory with skills and technology to produce and publish their own digital stories.

MySchoolMojo © is an iPhone project that gives a group of students in an inner city school the opportunity to produce their own stories about their community.

In Timor Mojo Ivo trained a group of young Timorese journalists working at The Dili Weekly to create their own user generated stories (UGS) on a smart device to cover the presidential elections.

Cherbourg Mojo, run in conjunction with TAFE Queensland, gave a group of Indigenous teenagers the opportunity to learn new multimedia skills and engage with their community through digital storytelling.

In Far West Mojo Ivo worked with the Red Cross to provide Indigenous Australian living in four remote communities the skills to tell their own smart stories. Here is Roger Williams’ story on Maralinga.

Mojo has also been introduced to China at Ningbo University, to the Denmark Journalism School in Aarhus and in the UK at Goldsmith’s. It’s been run across semesters to undergraduate and Masters J school and communication students at Swinburne and Deakin University. It’s also being imbedded into primary and secondary schools in Australia.

In 2012 mojo was introduced to mainstream media journalists and photographers at the Sydney Morning Herald and to journalists at The Dili Weekly in Timor and Ekstra Bladet in Denmark. In 2014 this program was extended to Norway.

Ivo has completed a PhD in convergent mobile journalism and with colleague and fellow mojo Stephen Quinn, has written a book on mobile journalism, Mojo-the mobile journalism handbook, to be published by Focal in early 2015. Ivo has just complete a peer reviewed chapter on mojo praxis, for a book to be edited by UTS and published by Routledge. Ivo is currently consulting with mainstream media around mobile training and web TV and is lecturing in mobile journalism.

Ivo’s work can also be found at the following sites:
Smart Mojo
Burum Media
Twitter @citizenmojo

Citizenmojo will provide regular forums and updates in mobile journalism trends and the practical application of emerging mobile technologies.


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  1. As this is my first blog l am really excited to know that you can post your thoughts about this exciting project which is being piloted at Footscray City College with students who have been through the selection process and have committed themselves to learning how to be a Mojo. As a support for Ivo Burum l know l will gain invaluable knowledge and skills. His generosity to teach his journalistic skills after 30 years of experience will be highly respected by all participants.

    • Good on you Cleo – I’m delighted to be working with you, Bill and FCC students again – we all gain something from making our world more democratic.

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