Two track video edit Apps for Android (maybe soon :)

Here’s to those who ask…

I’ve produced thousands of hours of prime time television and I can honestly say I’ve learned that editing is all about storytelling and not necessarily about NLEs, Apps or technology. For me, it’s about how you structure moments and even before this process begins, how you capture moments and evolving actuality. Planning for an edit begins long before you set foot on location. Mojo, or mobile storytelling, relies on seizing the evolving moment, covering story as it happens and not sitting on a tripod and being stuck in one location. Mojo’s need to be mobile, physically and mentally, in order to capture story as it unfolds.

Editing is all about having the right material and knowing how to stitch it together and not necessarily about tech; except maybe, when trying to edit on a smartphone. Then it makes sense to begin with the App that’s right for the job.

I’ve said it before and here it is again – I use iOS devices to shoot and edit my mojo stories, because until recently, professional edit Apps, offering two track video editing didn’t exist for Android or other non iOS smartphones.

But a few years on and the edit options for mobile devices are increasing, possibly even for Android loving mojos.

I still use two Apps with my iPhone or iPad – Voddio by VeriCorder and iMovie 2.0 from Apple. Voddio was the first App I used because a few years ago it was the only App offering two video tracks. Today, iMovie 2.0 – see my review of iMovie 2.0 – is my go to App, primarily because I don’t need the network features Voddio is selling and because when I teach mojo, journalists and students understand the tap and swipe actions of iMovie, which they say is, just like using an iPhone.

One of the major obstacles I’ve encountered when teaching Android users to create user-generated stories (UGS) is a lack of Android or Windows edit Apps that offer two track video editing. However, this all began to change last year. I have just played with two edit Apps which offer two track video editing for iOS, and allegedly coming soon for Android and Windows devices . They’re interesting, relatively easy to use and effective on iOS, I also hope its the same on Android. Lets wait for the review and the developers. Will the real Android Cute Cut please stand Up 🙂

VideoPadVideoPad by NCH is an excellent NLE App that works across iOS, Windows, Android and Mac OSX – yes the good folk at VideoPad have taken a leaf out of Apple’s play book and made the App a cross dresser – a multi-screen, multi-device, multi platform player. The truth is we all say we need the grunt of Final Cut, but many times iMovie is sufficient and it has the added advantage of being cross platform. VideoPad offers the same benefits. It is an interesting App that took about 5 minutes to learn. VideoPad enables the user to select MOV or MP4 render and play out formats, offers half a dozen frame rates and about the same number of resolutions. The only down side is that it’s only available for tablet and not yet developed for smartphones (or, I couldn’t find a smartphone version today 🙂

Audio MIx Video Pad has advanced audio tweaking and mixing and video optimising or grading facilities. optimize

Cute Cut Pro (don’t let the name put you off) is an NLE App that offers multi-track video for iOS smartphones and tablets. The great advantage of this App is that while it offers two video tracks, you can add many more tracks of stills or graphics (I stopped at eight), making it a terrific choice for compositing or pre-packaging complex sub-clips containing layers of graphics. Make up the sub clip with many vision tracks then render and export to your preferred edit APP, or just use CCP. This App also seems to offer unlimited audio tracks (we stopped checking at 15).

One downside is that the export settings are set at basic High, Medium or Low. This is not a new App. it’s been around since at least Jan 2013 and it’s not, as Cute Cut suggests, Final Cut Pro on your iPhone, far from it. Nor is it as intuitive as iMovie 2.0, or as intricate as Voddio, but it is effective and quite user friendly. See @cutecutapp

Cute Cut Pro

Finally an effective but busy App for the iPhone and iPad with a desk top option, that doesn’t offer two track video on its iOS system, is Pinnacle Studio (formerly Avid). It has an interesting picture in picture (PiP) feature, where I can position the PiP anywhere on the screen and resize it to any size, including full screen. This makes it useful for B roll. PiP source includes video but the only problem is it freezes the content. Am trying to find out if PiP with video can remain a moving B roll image. I guess the problem is the audio algorithm or track type conflict that Pinnacle haven’t sorted, yet. Anyone?.

Reviews coming soon – both Apps function well on iOS (as per above) but we’ll need to wait and see if they will eventually work with Android and Windows devices. The plot thickens. We’ll see soon. Here’s hoping.

Go mojo…



One thought on “Two track video edit Apps for Android (maybe soon :)

  1. Great article. Never heard the word “mojo” applied in this sense before! As an aspiring mojo myself, I am always on the lookout for new and useful mobile apps, productivity and othewise. I’ve been searching for a good 2-track/multi layer video editor for Android for some time now and haven’t come up with anything. I have been using the Video Pad app mentioned here – it’s the closest that comes to having 2 track editing but the feature isn’t fully capable. It gives you a video overlay function that seems tp be intended for PinP and the overlay track is very limited in what can be edited as opposed to the main track. The app is “only” available for tablets but if you can get the APK file it will install on phones as well (I used it on a Samsung Galaxy SIII). The user interface isn’t designed (ie. scaled down) for the smaller screen of a phone so some of the buttons & tools etc. might be a little jumbled up and harder to view etc. , but it’s all there and it works.

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