Catch 404 – Social media, which lens?

While we need to look at new media in new ways. Is there a danger that seeing new media only through a new lens is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

I know what Jeremiah Owyang is saying in his Blog . I train citizens and journalists to use mobiles (new) to create stories (old) in a world where the prevailing view is to pick up a device and blast away to deliver what MSM thinks it wants, raw footage. However when quizzed MSM realizes, even admits, it wants some of the old (story) as well. When it comes to implementing social media practices I think its important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Jeremiah Owyang’s example of a ‘pilot’ is excellent but a second stage example. Before we need ever to trust a pilot we need to decide to fly, something Jeremy describes in his hierarchy pyramid (very new), which ironically is similar to a guide for storytelling (old).

Deciding how to begin, organically or from a corporate point of view, is a big step and needs to be managed differently for different people and, I suspect organizations. Otherwise, organically they’ll bring their private practices into the corporate environment, as is often the case with journalists..

In my experience citizens are more willing to ‘fly’ than many journalists, but most journalists will fly ‘solo’ earlier than citizens, if the transition is more familial, transitioning via ‘the old they are used to’. Something I call the Catch404  of social media implementation – the process of immersion through mending or amending links to craft, process, outcomes.

Yes we have only just begun in social media. It’s a bit like Owen Wilson warns in Armageddon ‘we’re only at the beginning of outer space’.


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