Mojo at the Timor-Leste elections

Following the mobile journalism workshop in Timor-Leste The Dili Weekly (TDW) journalists were ready to create mojo reports in the lead up to teh Presidential election and on polling day. Overall the mojos produced nine reports all shot and edited (1st Video) on the iPod before being uploaded to the Internet. In some cases where multi line subtitles were required we produced the subtitles on a lap top. But in generally subtitles were done on the iPod.

The mojo kit consisted of the iPod Touch, Owle and a rechargeable light.

Upload speeds for the one to one and half minute stores were very slow – up to an hour compared to 1-6 minutes for the same duration in Australia. Emanuel Braz from TDW believes that once the monopoly that currently exists on the Internet service is over – in five years – Internet speeds will increase dramatically. Until then Timor-Leste is handicapped, when it comes to online digital publication.

Here are two stories by mojo Venidora Oliveira. The first describes the role of Australian election observers in the days before the election.

Venidora’s second story discusses security on election day especially at President Ramos Horta’s polling booth .


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