Ningbo Mojo – China’s first mobile journalists

Sitting at HKIA again this time returning from China. Couldn’t post in China because Google, Facebook and access to my Blog are banned – but I guess that’s why the Ningbo Mojo workshop is being held.

The Ningbo mojo project was incredibly successful. I was lucky enough to be invited by Professor Stephen Quinn to train China’s first 10 mojos (10 from 1.3 billion possible mojo candidates – wow) and 4 teachers, all from Nottingham University in Ningbo. Mojo is so exciting that even Prof Quinn, a mojo evangelist and pioneer, joined the training workshop – who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – we love your energy Prof. (Prof says “Me old, never!”).

With social media sites and Google banned in China, these mojo workshops were timely. And even though the block on these sites, WiFi protocols and other restrictions has temporarily slowed the upload of the Ningbo mojo training stories, the team is working hard to have these published very soon.

Once again we used Apple’s iPhone 4 and the 1st Video App from VeriCorder Technology to record and edit.

Thank you to the amazing mojos for making this experience memorable. And a special thanks to Andreas for making funding available for the project.

Check out this blog for information on when and where you can see the important stories from these talented and passionate mojos.

Signing off from Ningbo (HKIA actually).

Go Mojo…


14 thoughts on “Ningbo Mojo – China’s first mobile journalists

  1. Ivo, thanks for being so generous with your time and coming all the way from Australia to China to teach us mojo. We all have benefited greatly from your experience. It is now up to us to make good use of our new skills. Go Mojo…


  2. It was a so wonderful experience for me during the summer holiday! I learnt a great deal in the training session. Hopefully, we can have more opportunity to talk and communicate in future!

  3. Great to here from you guys and also Sherry (don’t know why we can’t see your post Sherry – maybe send another – sorry). It was my absolute pleasure to meet all the Ningbo mojos and to work with you to deliver the project. I can’t wait to see your stories online and the changes your work in citizen journalism will generate.

    Go Mojo.

    • Hey Ivo and everyone, the training was awesome! We are planing to use mojo to do news express of NUTS! I posted a twiee about the workshop on our chinese twitter, and it seems many people are interested in mojo~~ Good times~

      Go mojo~

      • Hi Sherry – Maybe we (you) can organise another mojo workshop one day for those who Twitted their interest – if you need an enthusiastic Croatian Mojo trainer living in Australia – you know where I am !

        Great news and good luck with getting even more mojos working.

        Go Mojo…

  4. Hey Ivo and everyone, the training was awesome! We are planing to use mojo to do news express of NUTS! I posted a twiee about the workshop on our chinese twitter, and it seems many people are interested in mojo~~ Good times~

    Go mojo~

  5. It’s the old dog here. Am now in London, after departing 6am the day after the mojo workshop ended and travelling for 24 hours. It was indeed our pleasure and delight to have Ivo with us. I know I learned a huge amount, and so did the course participants. Yes, Go Mojo. Or Go NingboMojo!
    Stephen Quinn, also known as Prof Mojo or Prof Quinn

    • Hey IVO, Its William, thanks for you time to teach us Mojo. I never try apple product before, but i found the program is really helpful on efficiency and cutting the cost. First video and story telling are amazing!!! I have trained and shared to few NUTS the day after we finished workshop. Lets keep Mojo+ing!!! Cheers

      • Hi William lovely to hear from you and great that you are teaching more mojos !!! Yes, Apple seems to have cornered the creative market on mobile technology.

        Cheers and all the best to everyone at NUTS.

        Go Mojo…

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  7. Hey Ivo and everyone! This is Kenny!
    Sorry I’m late!!!
    The training was really amazing, I was so lucky to be one of the mojo trainees in China, I feel like a new world is opened for me!
    I can’t wait to use mojo to report!
    Let’s go mojo!!! Keep in touch!

    • And a new and wondrous experience for me Kenny – terrific to meet you and work with all at Ningbo. I’m sure we will keep in touch. All the best – Go Mojo.

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