MySchoolMojo working

Tomorrow is the first day of the MySchoolMojo program at FCC. We selected six students to take part in a four week mobile journalism workshop. MySchoolMojo is designed to give students a new voice in our media landscape, by providing skills to empower them to think more critically about media and to produce their own stories about their community. I will keep you updated as we begin to mojo.


8 thoughts on “MySchoolMojo working

  1. Ivo how can life be so much fun, when you can play with all these amazing toys and inform people about all the different stories that people are involved in day to day. When l was a child and l was given a toy that l had to put together, l would make up stories based on the stories of my family, except this is real and it’s about communicating with people using these amazing tools that everyone can share on the net.

    • The net has changed the playing field hasn’t it! We still make up our own family stories (that’s the beauty of it all) but we publish to a new global audience – our new virtual extended family.

  2. I’m Colin Harry. Studying advanced diploma of screen and media at Footscray City Films. Main interests in the film and TV industry are camera operations, sound recording, lighting, editing and just generally anything technical. I am also a cell phone enthusiast and heavy user of social media.

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